Our Business


Diverse Product Portfolio That Meets Your Needs

When Quality Matters

Scheor offers an extensive portfolio of biological, chemical, and food ingredients. We deliver ingredient solutions as well as precision blends for the use in the nutrition-enhanced mainstream food and beverage markets, infant, clinical, hygiene, functional markets and many more.

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Where You Will Find Our Products

Our value-added Scheor Ingredients solutions as well as precision premixes are found in everyday products such as from Powder, Tablet, Capsule, Softgel, Chewable or Gummy. Juice, Carbohydrate or Performance Drink, Syrup, Water, Tea or Coffee. Bar, Cookie, Praline, Wet Food, Dried Food, Fruit, Nut, Seed or Grain. Liquid, Gas, Foam, Gel or Cream and more. These products are predominately offered in wholesale, retail as well as food service channels.

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Optimising Supply Chain Operations

At Scheor, our integrated services are aligned to support you in achieving your goals. Whether you need assistance with your raw material evaluation process, want to blend different ingredients together or profoundly analyse product quality, we can help.

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